Growing Free

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Inspired by the Art Bead Scene January 2017 inspiration, Field of Flowers, 1910 by Egon Schiele.

A wildflower is "a flower of an uncultivated variety or a flower growing freely without human intervention." I like the idea that this field that Egon Schiele would have come upon was growing wild and free. Each of the blooms is a part of a larger whole, beautiful in its vibrancy, yet each flower is individual down to its tiniest petals. This may be an unconventional pick for January when we are in the bleakest depths of winter, but perhaps we need a reminder that spring is not far behind. I knew that my interpretation would focus on the flower shape, in particular the petals. I wanted my pendant, called "Growing Free" to pop right out at you, as if bursting forth in life and full color. I am sure you will want to reach right out and pluck the bloom! These first few are taken by my Club members, but a few additional can be made in case you need a little cheer for the new year!

You have two options in color: a random assortment of petals in either WARM (yellow, orange, red, pink) or COOL (aqua, blue, purple) tones. Sorry, cannot take requests on exact colors, but rest assured that just like nature, each bloom will be uniquely lovely!

Pick the base metal for your pendant: BRONZE or SILVER (this will also be the center of the bloom. Sorry, no more rhinestone centers are possible.


I call this focal Growing Free. No two are alike!


Details for this focal:

Size: approximately 1 1/2" in diameter

Color: choose WARM or COOL (petals will be indvidually selected to be uniquely lovely, just like nature!)

Metal: choose BRONZE or SILVER (this is for the base color and the center of the flower - center will be plain metal only, rhinestone option is not available)

Hanging: Loop at top


'Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day!'


Enjoy the day!

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